General Skwirk FAQs

Skwirk is an Australian education platform designed specifically for teachers and students to access a wealth of engaging, curriculum-aligned resources in one place over six key subjects-English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Commerce. Skwirk is written by Australian teachers and has over 18,000 resources (and growing) including animations, quizzes, videos, ebooks, games, assessments, activities, worksheets and podcasts.

Skwirk is "schoolwork", said really fast!

In January 2021, we changed our structure to better reflect the Australian Curriculum. All new customers are automatically assigned to the new structure - which has the Australian Curriculum as the main curriculum, and the State Curriculum as an Archive Curriculum.
However, for existing customers, we've left your accounts alone - we feel that you should get access to what you signed up for!

We're currently running an exhaustive testing system on the new structure, and will be allowing users to opt in to changing once this is completed.
If you would like to jump the queue please send us a quick email and we will happily change your account over.

Skwirk covers English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Commerce from Foundation to Year 10.

Skwirk has selected content available to view for a timed period to enable users to see what kind of resources are available within the Skwirk platform. To continue viewing our up-to-date Australian curriculum-aligned content, you will need to register for a free trial or, better yet, subscribe to Skwirk.

Yes, we do! Download the Student user manual here. For the other user manuals, please scroll down to your relevant section.

Teacher FAQs

You can download our the Skwirk Teacher User Manual here.

Yes! Skwirk is fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum across six key subject areas-English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Commerce. You can search all of our content by curriculum code to see every one of our resources aligned to that code.

Skwirk's Lesson Editor allows you both to create your own content as well as customise Skwirk's content to suit your classroom. You can start by copying a Skwirk chapter and add in Youtube videos, images and links to other content that you want to include in your lesson. You can then assign these lessons out to your students, save the lessons for future years or share them amongst the teachers in your school. Our Skwirk Teacher User Manual which you can download here, covers this if you need more information.

By using Skwirk you now have the ability to assign your students work from different year groups. Do you need to have your Year 6's doing Year 7 work? What about students who are behind? Teachers can now assign this work over to their students, when they want, and without the students realising that the work is from another year level. You can even create lessons for individual students or small groups and monitor their progress through your portal.

The beauty of Skwirk is its flexibility to suit any classroom setting. Skwirk is designed to be easy-to-use and to promote independent learning for students. Our Skwirk teachers love the ability to use Skwirk as a launchpad into a topic, as a revision tool or as targeted learning for specific students that may need extra assistance in a particular topic.

Yes! You can even add YouTube videos, images and drawings into both your questions and answers. You can then assign these assessments out to your students individually or as a group, save the assessments for future years as well as sharing them with other teachers within your school.

Skwirk can be used in a variety of different ways to suit your teaching style and the needs of your students. Skwirk can be used as an integrated tool to create interactive learning experiences for your students, to assign differentiated work out to students of different levels or to provide a base to begin each lesson with fun, easy-to-access, curriculum-aligned content.

My Bookmarks enable you to save individual Skwirk resources or entire chapters within your My Bookmarks folders to easily access later. To bookmark any piece of Skwirk content, simply click the Gold Star!
My Highlights enable you to highlight the key information in any Skwirk chapter. You can also add comments to your highlights to flag an important piece of information, define a word or provide some more direction for your students. To highlight content on Skwirk, use the yellow Highlighter tool.

There are two ways to subscribe to Skwirk as a teacher. Your school can sign up for a school subscription which will enable all teachers within the school to access all 18,000 Skwirk resources. Click here to request a quote for your school.
Skwirk is also accessible to individual teachers wishing to subscribe. Access is divided into stages (two year levels) and a 12 month subscription can be purchased for:

  • One stage access - $275 inc GST
  • Two stage access - $385 inc GST
  • All stage access (F-10) - $495 inc GST

Yes! If you have accidentally signed up for the wrong stage access please send us an email and let us know which stage you would like to change to.

Purchasing Skwirk through your school provides many benefits. It is the most economical option to access Skwirk and allows for teachers to be able to assign work out to their students, share their created lessons with any teacher in the school and even allow their students access at home for extra revision where required.

This is an exciting new feature of Skwirk that is currently in development. Soon you will be able to obtain reports for individual students and entire classes showing their Skwirk progress. Stay tuned to our blog page and email updates to find out when this feature will be available with your subscription!

This alert means that your trial or subscription period with Skwirk has ended. If you are accessing Skwirk through a school trial or subscription, you will need to contact your Skwirk School Administrator within your school to organise renewal of your subscription. If you don't know who this is, you can contact us to find out here. If you are accessing Skwirk as an individual teacher, you can continue to access Skwirk by subscribing or renewing through the "Subscribe & Renew" button on the alert.

That's great! Skwirk subscriptions start from as little as $11 per student for 12 months access and include free access for all teachers within the school - to obtain an individual quote please click here or contact one of our friendly staff at to discuss your subscription options.

Parent and Home Educator FAQs

The State Curriculum View on Skwirk reflects our old layout and structure, which were set out in stages/levels.
This means that both Years in a level, were shown all the content for that level.
The levels are:
Level 1: Foundation, Yr 1 & Yr 2
Level 2: Yr 3 & Yr 4
Level 3: Yr 5 & Yr 6
Level 4: Yr 7 & Yr 8
Level 5: Yr 9 & Yr 10

The Australian Curriculum view shows content set in by Year level - so the Yr 3 & Yr 4 content will be different.

New customers to Skwirk no longer need to worry about changing between Curriculum Views, as our new structure has removed this issue.

Yes! Skwirk is currently used in over 1,400 schools by over 320,000 students. Click here to see how Australian students are using Skwirk in the classroom.

Yes, provided each child has a valid subscription..

Our Home Educator or "Parent Plus" subscription enables up to five children to access Skwirk and grants parents access to all of our 18,000 resources and lesson editing tools. Click here to see a comparison of the two subscription options.

Skwirk costs $99 per student for 12 months access for access to the Parent Option. Parents with more than one child or who are looking to access resources from other stages should look at our Home Educator option which provides access for up to five students for a 12 month subscription which costs $200 per family.

You can download either the Skwirk Parent User Manual here or the Skwirk Home Educator User Manual here.

The reporting function available through the parent portal login gives detailed usage and assessment results to the parent from wherever they have access to the internet – maybe on the train on the way home from work.

Studies have shown that the use of online educational resources in conjunction with traditional face to face teaching methods greatly enhances student's results. By monitoring the student's usage and assessments to ensure regular usage and understanding, your students improved results at school will demonstrate the benefits of Skwirk.

Skwirk operates on all devices - PC's, Macs, Android tablets and most mobile smart phones. Please note there are some flash based animations that are not supported by iOS.

Students have access to content within the safety of the Skwirk portal so they aren't subject to pop ups, advertisements or unwanted content whilst completing their schoolwork.

This will vary based on your child's ability and stage of development, however we recommend at least half an hour per chapter to enable your child to have a firm grasp on the content presented on Skwirk.

You can change your child's year level by logging into the parent portal and clicking your child's name under the "Child Details" tab.

Yes, this is one of the benefits of the Skwirk Home Educator subscription. You can assign existing Skwirk chapters to your students as well as edit these chapters and bring in external resources for your child to complete.

Technical Help

There are two maintenance windows during which time student progress is added to a queue. Any student progress achieved during this window will be added after the maintenance window is closed. 

These maintenance windows are 00.00 UTC to 00.15 UTC and 11.00 UTC to 18.45 UTC

If this does not explain the issue, please check that you are not signing in using the Parent or Home Educator account rather than the student account or using a non-recommended web browser.

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us so we can look into the issue for you.

Here at Skwirk, while we strive to provide the best possible experience for all our students and educators, we do have browsers that we recommend. The Skwirk Team recommends using Chrome as your browser, followed by Safari and Firefox. You can download Chrome for free from

Due to high numbers of spam complaints from specific domains, Skwirk has added these to the do not send list. Please use another email to sign up to Skwirk. If your domain is not on this list, there may be a delay that has been caused by high traffic or a maintenance window.


Skwirk operates on all devices - PC's, Macs, Android tablets and most mobile smart phones. Please note there are some flash based animations that are not supported by iOS.

Make sure your web browser is up to date

Try clearing your browser's cache and cookie files

Try logging into Skwirk using an alternate browser or device

If you're still experiencing issues when logging in please contact the Skwirk team at

This alert means your trial or subscription period has expired, In order to regain access you will need tosubscribe/renew your account by selecting "Subscribe & Renew" on the expired access alert box.

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